If you want to look more closely at what Awareness in Action can offer you in terms of exploring your own personal journey, these services are a good place to start

→ How to Be a Good Friend to Yourself  – Online course

→ How to Make Your Stress Benefit You – Online course

→ How to Start Meditation in a Way that will Last – Online course

→ How to Make Time for Meditation in a Busy Life – Online course

→ Speaking Engagements

→ Coaching by Skype

→ How to Make Self-compassion Your Top Priority – Free e-course

We have made a selection of the blog posts that fit well with this category

Slow down and go faster

Slow down and go faster

It is a great pleasure to share this guest post from Ian Gawler. We have attended many retreats together over the years and...

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Creativity and Play

Creativity and Play

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash I am delighted to share this guest post from the writer, Rosie Dub. In this post she...

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