Our Services

Our range of services is designed to help develop clarity, connection and openness in order to work with our minds more effectively. We do this by introducing meditation and compassion techniques—endorsed by current scientific research— in a practical, accessible way.


Workshops and training 

We offer programmes specially designed for businesses, for healthcare, and for education.

With our decades of meditation experience, we specialize in showing how meditation and compassion training can be easily integrated into all aspects of the working day. From day one we are committed to supporting your staff to enable their talents to flourish in order to achieve excellence at work and find meaning in what they do.

→ Workshops and training 


Speaking engagements

Maureen is available for talks, conference participation and round table discussions—depending on her schedule.

→ Speaking engagements

Online courses

We run a range of online courses which are designed for people to follow in their own time. Maureen is on hand in each course to respond to postings and answer questions.  Most courses offer a coaching option, where you can sign up for some addition individual sessions. Courses vary in length between 6 and 9 weeks.

→ Online courses


Coaching by SKYPE

A chance for one-on-one consultation sessions with Maureen.

→ Coaching by Skype 

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