Your Wellbeing Prompt

Are you making the time to care for your wellbeing?

Our lives can be busy, stressful and exhausting

We are juggling so many different things

Making sure our children get what they need


Doing our best in our job 

Keeping the house clean

Worrying about money

All too often it can feel that finding time for ourselves just takes too much effort

When in fact, sustainable wellbeing is a basic human need

In the end it all comes down to how our minds are

Our worries

How we feel about ourselves

Our relationships

Whether we can settle our minds

Our worries

How we feel about ourselves

Our relationships

Whether we can settle our minds

How your Wellbeing Prompt will work


Once a week you will get a notification in your in-box that your Wellbeing Prompt is open for you to use.
Each weekly prompt has two parts:

 • An explanation of the wellbeing focus we are exploring
• Practices and exercises to try out to make it part of your life
–  plus some extra resources for if you have more time

It’s that simple!

The Wellbeing Prompt is open
you can sign up whenever you want!

Here are the options for you to join in

If you want just the free package then sign up for OPTION 1

If you want to jump into a longer package then sign up for OPTION 1 + OPTION 2, 3 or 4


Your 10-week free package

Everyone starts with 10 weeks of completely free prompts with nothing to pay *


 A 3-month package

at  $20.00

That’s less than $2.00 per week!


A 6-month package

at $30.00

That’s only $1.25 per week!


A 12-month package

at $45.00

That’s less than $1.00 per week!

*After your free package is complete, you won’t want to be without your weekly reminder to take time for your wellbeing and so there are three different packages you can sign up for.

The longer the package the lower the price!

All the paid packages have an additional feature:
There will be questions to explore at the end of each prompt and you can ask questions, check resources, and get help with the exercises.

As this is a new programme, the prices have been kept low so at to be as accessible as possible.

Meet Maureen,
your course facilitator

Hi there!

It has been wonderful putting these Wellbeing Prompts together. It feels so important to get right into the details of how we can care for our minds and hearts. I am a firm believer in using the circumstances of everyday life as ways to work with techniques of meditation and compassion.

This is a new project, so your feedback is especially important. Please let me know what you think.

I really hope you enjoy them!




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