How to Start Meditation in a Way that Will Last

An online course that helps you get going with meditation

Are you interested in having a meditation practice that is stable, reliable and rock-solid?



Maybe you have tried to start with meditation already, but it did not go so well?

How would you answer these questions?

Does your meditation feel as fragile as this feather, about to blow away with the first gust of wind?


Does making meditation happen feel as impossible as this man trying to push an enourmous boulder uphill?

Perhaps your expectations were too high, you had too much to do and life took over?

If you are really interested to learn how to meditate, then none of this matters. Everyone can learn meditation and find a way to make it part of their lives.

How this online course can help

It introduces two methods of meditation

There is a course workbook to download and print


Latest scientific research into meditation shared


Everyone is invited to a closed Facebook group to share progress


How does the course work?

  • The 7 STEPS of How to start meditation in a way that will lastare all online with an easily downloadable workbook, exercises and quotes.
  • Each STEP is broken down into 4 sections:

A GOAL to give something to aim for in the STEP

An inspiration to provide the juice to accomplish the goal

An action to give direction as to how to go about it

Outcome to build our new meditation habit

  • There is a bonus section at the end to help you plan for how to continue with meditation when the course ends.
  • As long as you have an internet connection you can access the content anywhere and at any time.
  • You have continued access to the materials even after the cruise finishes.
  • Every week a notification that the next STEP is available to you will arrive in your in-box. This will happen every seventh day after you joined the course, giving you plenty of time to work with each STEP.
  • This is self-paced course, so you can catch up and review past materials at any time.
  • You can add comments and ask questions as you go through the materials and I will answer them.


Would you like to try STEP 1 of the online course for free?

Sign up through this link and you will have access to all activities in Step 1


Meet Maureen,
your course facilitator

Hello there 

Thanks so much for checking out this online course.

Meditation has been part of my life for many years now. You never stop learning about meditation. It changes and grows with you, as you deal with the challenges that life brings. I love to be able to support people as they begin with meditation. This online course as designed in response to the questions people ask me as beginner meditators.

It is my hope that this course is useful in helping people to start with meditation in a way that they want to continue and develop.

Hope to see you on the course!

Enrolment is open now

You can join the course whenever you are ready!

Step 1: Getting started

Step 1 focuses on the benefits of meditation and the importance of making a connection with how it can help you personally.

Step 2: Choosing your method

Step 2 covers learning the two methods of meditation that we will work with during the course. Students learn how to set up a session of meditation.

Step 3: Meditation – knowing our mind

Step 3 looks into how our mind works. We explore the tendency of our mind to wander and become distracted but we also connect with the natural quality of mind.

Step 4: Finding the time for meditation

Step 4 goes into the problem that everyone has—how to find the time for meditation. We’ll explore the pros and cons of different times of the day, as well as exploring how we can weave short sessions of meditation into everyday activities.

Step 5: The stuff that gets in the way

Step 5 is about all the things that can trip us up, as we try to get going with meditation. We look at what stops us getting started in the first place and then how things can get tricky even while we are meditating.

Step 6: How to make meditation a habit

Step 6 shows how when we make meditation a habit and a natural part of our routine, it is much easier to keep it going.


Step 7: Gathering confidence

Step 7 goes into the scientific research and relate it to our own personal experience.




Course fee $ 85.00

This includes:

• Access to content, activities and exercises for 8 lessons and 2 bonus lessons.

• A variety of downloadable reflection and meditation exercises in written and/or audio format

• Unlimited interactive emails with the course facilitator throughout the course


Course + coaching option

Course fee ¢120.00

This includes:

• Access to content, activities and exercises for 8 lessons and 2 bonus lessons.

• A variety of downloadable reflection and meditation exercises in written and/or audio format

• Unlimited interactive emails with the course facilitator throughout the course

• 2 individual coaching sessions by SKYPE with course facilitator during the course and/or within one month of completion of the course. (Normal price for coaching alone $155)

What people have said about the course

I found the course packed full of excellent material and references. I have trouble motivating myself to meditate, even though I know I find it beneficial. In the course, the benefits of meditation are very clearly explained, in many different ways. I felt myself gradually strengthening my understanding and motivation, and found it really helpful to practise in short sessions, not even every day at first. This thing about how to build up a lasting habit – that’s really helpful and was new to me. It explained a lot about where changing my habits hasn’t worked in the past. I really recommend this course, especially if you are doubtful about what meditation can do for you or think you can’t manage to fit it in to your schedule.

Fiona Feather

The benefits of meditation are endless – from the widely acknowledged psychological and mental positives to its powers in developing inner peace and self-comprehension. The benefits are vast, the practice simple, yet solid and nurturing guidance is the key to long-lasting practice. 

Maureen’s course seamlessly weaves personal experience and expertise with pertinent insights from renowned thought leaders. it is rare to find a course led by such an accomplished teacher, who’s first hand knowledge helps us navigate pitfalls of practice and difficulties so often encountered when just starting out. Highly recommended!

Matt Arscott

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