Six Ways to Make Meditation a Habit

When I first began to meditate I was convinced that doing something so profound and life-changing meant that there would be no problem in simply settling into an inspired routine. I thought my mind would easily adapt to sitting quietly and everything would be plain sailing. I couldn’t wait to get started. It did not […]

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Getting used to meditation

A few months ago Jon Kabat-Zinn was in Amsterdam—my home town. He spoke to a packed hall with over nine hundred people present. I enjoyed his talk—he was natural, relaxed, genuine and very interesting. However, the thing that stands out in my memory is when he asked people to put their hands up if they […]

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The power of your smile

If our smile is authentic we usually feel good, don’t we? Smiling relaxes us and so relaxes the people we are in contact with. It’s hard to stay annoyed with someone who genuinely smiling at you—the effect is completely disarming. It can transform a lot of the misunderstanding and projection that can clog up the […]

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