Speaking engagements

Maureen has extensive experience of participating in conferences and speaking events in Europe, the US and Australia. She is often asked to talk about meditation and compassion in in the workplace and in society. From time to time she is invited to take part in events for philosophers and psychologists interested in learning more about the practices of meditation and compassion.

Maureen is particularly interested in having practical, interactive sessions with special interest groups—care workers, teachers, people engaged in compassion projects and so on.

She gives talks, takes part in round table discussions and gives short one-off workshops designed to connect people with meditation and compassion.

In certain situations, she is available for online events—webinars, panel discussions and, if the conditions are favourable, workshops for small numbers of people.

If you are interested in inviting Maureen to take part in an event and would like to discuss the possibility, please contact Awareness in Action on info@awarenssinaction.org


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