Online courses

We run a range of online courses which are designed for people to follow in their own time. Maureen is on hand in each course to respond to postings and answer questions.  Most courses offer a coaching option, where you can sign up for some addition individual sessions. Courses vary in length between 6 and 9 weeks.

How to Be a Good Friend to Yourself

A very special online course on self-compassion

How to Make Your Stress Benefit You

This course is based on Maureen’s first book, The Compassionate Mind Approach to Reducing Stress 

How to Start Meditation in a Way that will Last

An online course to help someone new to meditation make a good start and feel confident to continue.

How to Make Time for Meditation in a Busy Life

An online course for people who already meditate but are finding it hard to fit it into their lives.

9 Ways to Cope Better with Your Work Frustration

An online course that shows you how to use meditation and compassion to work with your frustration with your job.

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How to Make Everyday Kindness a Habit

An online course that looks at developing kindness for yourself, for other people and towards the environment

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