Online coaching

Would you like to talk about how you are making clarity, connection and openness part of your everyday life?

Maybe you are interested in meditation but finding it hard to get started? Or are you already meditating but having trouble getting into a routine? Perhaps your compassion feels really stretched when you have a difficult work colleague to deal with. Or maybe you are struggling with a harsh inner critic who is always beating up on you?

You can book an ONLINE COACHING session with Maureen to talk things through, get a fresh perspective and pick up some useful tips for how to manage your situation.

Send an email to and let me know your preferred days and we will get something in the calendar.


€75.00 for 45 minutes

4 session package at the reduced rate of €250.00

A free taster session to check it out before you commit

certificateIn June 2020 Maureen completed an online training to become An Existential Well-being Counsellor.

What people have said about these sessions

The support that Maureen provides through our online coaching sessions is extremely valuable to me in building my meditation practice. Catching up regularly helps me keep a focus on this relatively new part of my life, and Maureen is always able to offer new ideas to help further my mediation and get me back on track if things start to slip. The advice Maureen provides is always practical and specific to my individual needs, so I can really apply it to my day- to- day practice.


Working with Maureen over online coaching really helps me keep motivated and on track with my meditation practice. She has so many ideas for how to fit meditation in to modern, busy lives and really tailors her suggestions to your personal needs.


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