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Our Mission: To bring wellbeing to the heart of your workplace

We understand that you and your staff want to give your best but all too often get caught up with the speed and stress of the modern work environment to see the task in hand with clarity and composure. Our approach focuses around introducing sustainable meditation and compassion training to bring efficiency, creativity and confidence into your workplace.


Research shows that meditation cuts down on distraction, helps us make effective decisions, develop greater capacity and get on much better with our colleagues. With our bespoke staff training we look into their own habits and assumptions to find solutions to the problems they encounter as part of their working life.


These invaluable skills, as part of a normal day, time and time again we find provides the basis for resilience, wellbeing and stability, which become the foundations for creative, efficient and confident staff members.


We offer programmes specially designed for businesses, for healthcare, and for education. With our decades of meditation experience, we specialize in showing how meditation and compassion training can be easily integrated into all aspects of the working day. From day one we are committed to supporting your staff to enable their talents to flourish in order to achieve excellence at work and find meaning in what they do.

If you want to see how this works out in practice, give us a ring or drop us an email and we can talk through how our solutions can make your work environment a better place.

Still not convinced?

We offer taster sessions that give you an opportunity to see if this kind of approach is right for your business needs.

Maureen Cooper is the founding-director of Awareness in Action. Contact her to discuss any of the services we offer and to explore how we can work together. 

Public Events

Art of Compassionate Living:
how to make compassion part of your everyday life

28-30 May 2016
Pema Lhakhang,
Thorneyburn Old rectory, Tarset, Northumberland

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Partner Charter for Compassion International (CCI)

In the News

Awareness in Action was featured in two recent newspaper articles—one in The Guardian UK and another in Independent Ireland.