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Enhancing effectiveness at work while easing the pressure

At Awareness in Action we understand that you and your staff want to give your best but all too often the speed and pressure of modern life can undermine even the most dedicated person. 

In order to provide sustainable solutions we introduce mindfulness meditation and empathy training into the workplace.

Research is showing that this kind of training helps us to cut down on distraction, make effective decisions, develop greater capacity and get on much better with our colleagues. Skills like these provide the basis for resilience, wellbeing and stability, which are the foundation for a creative workplace.

We specialize in showing how mindfulness meditation and empathy training can be integrated into all aspects of the working day, thereby easing the pressure on busy people.

We are committed to supporting your staff to enable their talents to flourish in order to achieve excellence at work and find meaning in what they do.

Maureen Cooper is the founding-director of Awareness in Action. Contact her to discuss any of the possibilities you find on our site.

Our Services

In the workplace

In-house training and coaching

Information sessions

To inform and orientate key groups and individuals within your organization

This kind of talk helps to introduce the subject matter into the wider organization, to answer questions and provide a taste of the training itself.

Workshops and trainings

Specifically designed for your workplace situation and particular needs

Workshops can vary in length from one day to a series of days over a period of time. A tried and tested introductory training programme is made up of two consecutive days, with a follow-up to review after 6-8 weeks. This provides a solid introduction, time to put the techniques into practice and an opportunity to review and adjust after time working with them.

Coaching on applying mindfulness meditation and empathy training at work

For individuals and teams

For people who are new to meditation having a personal space to discuss their progress and challenges is invaluable in making meditation a routine part of the working day. After initial sessions face-to-face these sessions can be successfully carried out by SKYPE.

For you personally

A chance to learn meditation at your own pace

Online Meditation Coaching

If you want a one-on-one opportunity to receive guidance and instruction on mindfulness meditation that you can immediately start to apply at work then online meditation coaching may be just what you are looking for.

You will have lots of opportunity to learn techniques, ask questions and work out a schedule that helps to bring more ease into your working life.

If you are interested email info@awarenessinaction.org to book a 20 minute taster session—it’s free!

We also have a Christmas Offer on a four-session package!

Prices and getting started

Personal sessions face-to-face

These sessions are a great opportunity to get personal advice in a friendly environment. Meet with Maureen personally to discuss in depth how you want to develop your mindfulness meditation and empathy training.

We can look at the theory behind the techniques, the benefits they bring and the scientific research, which is validating these methods. You’ll have a chance to discuss how to set up your routine, deal with challenges and look at making what you learn part of your working life.

It is your own personal time to ask all the questions that you need and to find answers that work for you.

Sessions are two hours, half day and full-day.

If you want to bring along a friend, or even a small group this can also be arranged. 

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For everyone

Opportunities to keep up-to-date and practice at home


A must-read for anyone interested in easing the pressure!

We feature regular blog posts from Maureen and our team of trainers. These are full of practical tips on how to use mindfulness meditation and empathy training in all kinds of everyday situations. You will also find book reviews, and comments on the latest scientific findings.

Action Point For The Week

A very helpful way to keep you on track

Pithy, vibrant reminders of how to make these techniques part of your life. 

Compassion in the workplace: Online Course

Online course A 6-session course that you can follow in your own time at home. 

Taster Session....

Session 1 is completely free

When things get tough at work it is hard to think of compassion as a solution to any of the problems we are dealing with. It’s tempting to think that compassion is a ‘soft’ skill that we can only engage with when we have the time, or things are going well. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Compassion is a trainable skill that we can develop. It is an effective and practical way of working with the challenges that face us every day when we have to deal with difficult work colleagues and impossible clients.

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Awareness in Action bulletin

Each issue of our Bulletin features a particular technique, along with guidance on how to practice it and advice on how it could be useful for you. We include information on big conferences and visits that you might be interested in, as well as forthcoming books on mindfulness meditation and empathy training. You’ll also find all our up-to-the-minute news about developments in our work and the public events that we offer.

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In the News

Awareness in Action was featured in two recent newspaper articles—one in The Guardian UK and another in Independent Ireland.

Public Events

A conference that Awareness in Action is taking part in this autumn

28 November 2015 in Utrecht, Netherlands Mind Conference

Maureen is giving a workshop, ‘How to make the best of your stress”