How to access the creative
energy of your emotions


Your Shared Space for Wellbeing Online

Many of us have enjoyed an almost normal summer, where we have been able to go out and meet people. It’s been lovely!

However, winter is fast approaching, and infection levels are going up again. We can’t be sure what the next months will bring. Having groups of people we can talk to and share is a way to help us cope.

Your Shared Space for Wellbeing Online is all about having a friendly online group that is small enough that we can really share and learn together. With the group size limited to just 12 people only there is plenty of time and space to get to know each other.

For our fourth topic we’re turning to the topic of emotions.

 How to access the creative energy of your emotions

During the course of any ordinary day, ripples of emotion will run through our minds. All kinds of feelings bubble up and occupy our attention—sometimes we hardly notice them but at other times they can overwhelm us with their intensity. In any moment, our emotions can lift us into euphoria, or plunge us into despair. We can feel as if we have no control and simply need to weather the storm.


Learning to be aware of our emotions can begin to change that feeling of helplessness. By understanding the nature of an emotion, how it is triggered and the ways in which it can take hold we can slowly begin to see what is going on. Applying awareness to emotions shows us that rather than being fixed and solid, they are fluid and changeable. We can learn to dance with their energy, rather than letting them define us.


Emotional awareness is the means by which we come to understand the nature of emotions, and learn to access their creative power.


How the course is organized

The course will take place on four Mondays: 22 & 29 November and 6 & 13 December 2021.

Sessions will take place from 19.00 to 20.30 CET

  • The main learning will take place in the ZOOM sessions – one for each week of the course.
    • Participants will find the ZOOM links on the course platform. Sessions are recorded so people can go back and review them.
    • The ZOOM sessions will be backed up by the course platform which means that course participants can:

    – make online profiles, so we can get to know each other

    – have access to a resources section with more materials for each session

    – comment and ask questions on the course platform in addition to the ZOOM sessions.


    Here’s what people said about earlier Your Shared Space for Wellbeing Online courses.

    I learn so much from the courses I’ve done with Maureen. She’s a caring and inspiring teacher and brings together my mind and heart

    I appreciate the richness of Maureen’s sources, and her way of working with the group with caring and humour. It feels very warm and open. And the questions she asks are so provocative!

    I like the whole idea of being able to participate in a course that is offered in the Netherlands while others are in the Netherlands also in UK and I am here in Canada

    Course price for the full course

    45 euros

    You can register through this button 

    Meet Maureen,
    your course facilitator

    Hi there

    This is a topic close to my heart. When I was growing up my mother always told me that I was too emotional! I never understood but it made me feel that somehow my emotions were not welcome and got in the way. It took me years to realise that emotions are simply energy rising in the mind—and that it is possible to dance with this energy!

    It would be lovely to see you on the course—do join us if you can!

    All the very best


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