It’s getting on for 15 years since Awareness in Action started operating and I love it more every day. It has changed a lot during those years as we have learnt to grow through experience but always along the continuum of providing practical, easy-to-use techniques for developing sustainable wellbeing. I especially love that it brings me into direct contact with people and their life journey. For a while I am able to accompany them as they navigate the joys and challenges, they encounter. It feels a real privilege.

My professional background is in teaching—mostly in tough schools in inner London. I thrived on the challenge of reaching out across different interests, backgrounds, and languages to reach the special spark each of us carry within us—the place that wants to learn and grow.

It’s that place that has always been my driving force—to find meaning and purpose amidst the challenges and craziness of life. It brought me to Tibetan Buddhism and introduced me to meditation, which has become my foundation.

I am especially interested in how we can learn to nurture our own potential for growth while dealing with all the everyday business of life—paying the bills, work, family and everything else. It is completely possible that we can learn to do all these things from a basis of clarity, connection and openness, which enables us to live to the full.

Reducing stress In 2013 I published my first book, The Compassionate Mind Approach to Reducing Stress. It is an examle of how I weave together current ideas, modern scientific research, and meditation techniques to provide a manual for working with one of society’s more endemic problems. This combination—ideas, science and meditation—is an approach you will find throughout all the services you discover on this website.


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