5 Tools you need during your lockdown

Life as we know it has changed dramatically in the last weeks and we are not sure how long this will be our new reality. Each of is looking for ways to work with our new situation and manage as best we can.

Here at Awareness in Action we have put together a free package to help ease the pressure. Hopefully, the package will inspire you to work with different tools to help with your lockdown.


Here are the 5 tools we’ll work with to help us cope

1. Creating new rituals to facilitate our lockdown

2. Coping with uncertainty

3. Reaching out to your online friends and family

4. Staying present

5. Remembering all the others


Here is what we will explore

• How to encourage yourself to manage what you need to do each da

• An exercise to work directly with your anxieties

• Ways to reach out to your online community and why that is important

• Simple meditation techniques to help you stay in the present moment

• Looking into compassion to help understand the reality of common humanity


How the online programme works

The programme consists of short videos, exercises to try, quotes to inspire and some notes and helpful tips.

You can sign up for free below.

Once you’re registered you will receive the whole package in one go. Then you are free to work with at your own pace and pick and choose between the tools as you need them.

You can post comments and questions as you wish.

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Meet Maureen,
your course facilitator

Hi there

Thanks for checking out this package. 

At Awareness in Action we are looking at the best ways to offer support during this challenging time. This free package is our first offering. More will follow.

I would be happy to hear your comments and questions on the course.

Hope to see you on the inside!

All the best from Maureen

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