Why it is important to know how interconnected people are: worksheet

This worksheet is a way of applying the ideas that are covered in the blog Why it is important to know how interconnected people are.  You might like to read it before starting with the worksheet.



The blog ended with an exercise that you can do as you get dressed in the morning to connect with all the people who have helped to make it possible for you to put on your clothes.


Here we are going to go through a number of scenarios where you could explore interconnectedness.


  1. Waiting at a bus stop












We’re used to waiting for a bus and most of the time it comes along and we go on with our journey. What if we spent some time thinking about even just the bus driver—who they are, how they are feeling, if they are having a good day. Most probably they are just like us—they want their day to go well without hassle.


  1. Dropping the kinds at school












Usually when we drop off the kids, we’re in a rush to get to the next place we need to be. Why not try taking a moment to look around at the other parents and thinking about how they are and what they are dealing with.

Maybe you have more in common than you realize.


  1. Next time you eat out












Let your attention wander around the restaurant—take in the other customers, the waiting staff, passers-by. Try for a moment to see yourself through their eyes.


  1. Taking a cab












I love being driven around town in a cab—it’s so great to have nothing to do and to watch everything that is going on in the streets. People shopping, visiting, going to work—often hurrying but sometimes stopping to enjoy.


  1. The supermarket












If you were going to do the interconnectedness exercise in a supermarket you could end up being there all day. Just standing by the fruit section and reflecting on all the people who helped bring the fruit to the supermarket will take quite a while!


If you do try any of these exercises, do let me know how they go and I would love to hear any new ones that you come up with.

Maureen Cooper

Some of the BLOGS here are written by friends of mine but most of them are from me. Each time I write a blog I am telling a story about the kind of things that happen to us on a daily basis. Usually we have set ways of coping with these events but they don’t always work and even if they do, they might not achieve the long-term result we want. I try to suggest some new approaches to the stuff that comes up for us and whenever possible, include a short practice to help us remember. Let me know what you think - it is always good to hear from you.

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