If you are interested in supporting your workforce to understand the power of empathy and kindness in the workplace, you might be interested in having members of your staff take this short online course.

onlinecompassioncourseA 6-session course that you can follow in your own time at home. Taster session: Session 1 is completely free so you can try it out before registering for the full course. Click here to try it out

When things get tough at work it is hard to think of compassion as a solution to any of the problems we are dealing with. It’s tempting to think that compassion is a ‘soft’ skill that we can only engage with when we have the time, or things are going well. Nothing could be further from the truth. Compassion is a trainable skill that we can develop. It is an effective and practical way of working with the challenges that face us every day when we have to deal with difficult work colleagues and impossible clients. Scientific research is showing that as we learn compassion techniques our own levels of wellbeing increase. This puts us in a better place to apply what we have learnt to improving communication, resolving conflict and creating a harmonious and productive workplace environment.

What you get

  • Exclusive video content created by Awareness in Action
  • Six self-guided sessions where you can go at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to the materials
  • Your own personal workbook to download
  • The first session completely free

How much time does it take?

Between 30 minutes and one hour per session
Time in between sessions for practice and integration

What we cover

  • Introduction
  • Session 1: Why is compassion important for the workplace? (free to watch below)
  • Session 2: Developing self-awareness
  • Session 3: Developing compassion for ourselves
  • Session 4: Expressing our natural capacity for kindness
  • Session 5: Adding the power of reason
  • Session 6: Making it all work in your life

Learning Outcomes of the Course

  • An understanding of the importance of compassion training for the workplace
  • A knowledge of mindfulness and meditation techniques as a basis for compassion training
  • The development of self-compassion as a source of wellbeing and in order to practice compassion for others in a sustainable way
  • An appreciation of the power of kindness
  • Understanding more about how we relate to other people
  • Familiarity with a series of techniques to integrate compassion training in the workplace

How much does it cost?

The course registration fee is €50.00. Session 1 is free.

To continue the course click ‘Buy Now’ below, you don’t need to be a member of paypal to pay.

After you have completed the course you have the option of a 45 minute SKYPE session with Maureen to discuss anything you want to explore further from the course.

Normal price: €90.00 Offered here for €75.00.

Email info@awarenessinaction to book your slot

Hanneke Hanneke de Graaf