In-house trainings on meditation and compassion at work

Themes we cover in our workshops

  • Identifying the challenges people are facing
  • Understanding how stress works                
  • Recognizing the importance of wellbeing    
  • Exploring how empathy training works and how it is effective                                   
  • Investigating the habits that hold us back at work and in life
  • Learning to pay attention                            
  • Developing self-awareness and awareness of others
  • The power of kindness

Unique features of our programmes

  • Specifically designed to fit the requirements of each group we work with
  • Accessible to people with no experience of meditation
  • Practically applicable to work and life situations
  • Backed up by current scientific research into the beneficial effects of mindfulness meditation and empathy training.
  • Flexible to suit the amount of training time available
  • Follow-up support and coaching available

The benefits: what people take away

  • Knowledge of several different mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Familiarity with a series of empathy exercises
  • Experience of how to apply all these techniques to their situation
  • Support of spending time in discussion and exploration with other people in similar situations
  • An overview of the main research being done in the area
  • A toolkit to apply as soon as they leave the workshop

Sample workshop titles:

  • How to be well at work
  • Dealing with disagreements in the workplace
  • Working with habits and overcoming limitations
  • Happiness and Well-Being at Work
  • Transforming Stress and Frustration at Work
  • New Perspectives on Working as a Team.
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Compassionate approaches to conflict resolution
  • Working with uncertainty and change

Workshops can vary in length from one day to a series of days over a period of time. A tried and tested introductory training programme is made up of two consecutive days, with a follow-up to review after 6-8 weeks. This provides a solid introduction, time to put the techniques into practice and an opportunity to review and adjust after time working with them.

Participants each have a course workbook with main points and illustrations included, where they can make their own notes and observations.

Workshops are practical, exercise based, inclusive and flexible.

They offer a tool kit of techniques that we can integrate during a busy working day

Contact Awareness in Action to explain the context in which you would like a programme to run. Talk through in detail the particular angles you are interested in. We will put together a programme specially designed to meet the needs of your work situation—both in terms of content and duration