how to make self-compassion

your top priority

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Are you making time for self-compassion in your life?

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions :

  • Do you push yourself to get things right all the time?
  • Are you hard on yourself when things go wrong?
  • Does your inner critic have a harsh and bullying voice?
  • When things are tough do you worry it’s because you messed up?
  • Do you go over and over stuff in your head trying to work out how you should have behaved?

If your answers are coming out YES then take a look at this free e-course that has some answers for you.


This is what you’ll learn in the free 5-day How to Make Self-Compassion Your Top Priority e-course:

  • Why self-compassion is important
  • How you can make friends with your inner critic
  • Why hiding away when you feel bad is not the best solution
  • The ways in which mindfulness can help with self-compassion
  • A practical list of simple exercises that you can use to help make self-compassion part of your life


Here’s how the e-course works:

  • Once you’ve subscribed to the course you will receive an email each day for 5 days.
  • You can email me your questions and comments at any time.
  • You will also receive an invitation to join the Awareness in Action Self-Compassion Facebook Group, so you can share ideas with other people taking the course.


Meet Maureen,
your course facilitator

Hello there 

Thanks so much for checking out this online course. I came across self-compassion after I had been meditating for many years. It really helped me to put together how my habit of always beating myself up when things went wrong was really not working for me. It dawned on me that self-compassion is a natural expression of the benefits of meditation. This online course highlights how meditation and self-compassion go hand-in-hand.

I am the founder-director of Awareness in Action. We focus on supporting people to make meditation, kindness and compassion part of their everyday lives. It’s one thing to take a course but it’s another to bring what you learn into what you do each day. If you are interested to see what I mean you might like to read this article that I wrote for Tiny Buddha, How to Make Vulnerability Your New Superpower.

Hope to see you on the course!

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