9 Ways to Cope Better with Your Work Frustration

9 ways to cope better with work frustration

A two-week online course to turn things around at work

Do you feel engaged at work, or is it a source of worry? Are you curious and interested to go in on Monday morning see what the week holds in store for you? Or do you cling to the last hours of the weekend with a feeling of dread at what the day next day will bring.

Work takes up such a huge part of our life. We spend more time with work colleagues than our family and friends. We invest our talent, our inspiration and our hopes of fulfilment in a job, where we can only have limited control.

Frustration can come in so many different forms: an unreasonable boss, an unpleasant colleague, a massive workload or unreasonable deadlines.

If left to fester, frustration can become a source of stress, that undermines our wellbeing.

This online course is designed to accompany you at work over a period of six weeks. At the end of these six weeks, you will have identified your main areas of concern and learned some techniques to deal with them. The instruction is accessible, practical and designed to fit it to your busy schedule.


Start date: Whenever you are ready

Duration: 40 days

Lessons will arrive every fourth day

At 22 days and at the end of the course there will be time to review, to read further and to practice the techniques.

Enrolment is open – you can sign up straight away.

What are the special features of 9 Ways to Cope Better with Your Work Frustration?

  • It grew out of conversations I had around a series of blogs I wrote last spring dealing with frustration and being overwhelmed at work. The issues that people were facing are included in the course.
  • The course is designed to fit around a busy working life. It’s short and practical and easy to incorporate into your schedule.
  • You will receive a lesson every fourth day and a review session half way through and at the end of the course.
  • There are extra resources for people who want to go a little deeper.
  • Each lesson has three activities:
    - the source of frustration
    - what is behind it
    - advice on how to turn it around and try something new
  • The course includes scientific research that endorses the techniques we are learning
  • ​The course deals with how we are with ourselves and how we are with the people we work with

SUNDAY - Making a start

Making a start
How this course works
What makes us frustrated at work?

MONDAY - Know where you have control

See your frustration: do you have sufficient control at work?
What’s behind it?
Building confidence in where you do have control

TUESDAY - Prioritise your well-being

See your frustration: how do you take care of yourself at work?
What’s behind it?
Ways to enhance your well-being

WEDNESDAY - Find calm at the centre of the storm

See your frustration: can you locate a quiet place within yourself?
What’s behind it?
How to maintain your own quiet centre

THURSDAY - Give up on trying to be perfect

See your frustration: are you striving for perfection?
What’s behind it?
How to befriend ourselves as we are

FRIDAY - Put effort into connecting

See your frustration: how do you connect with others at work?
What’s behind it?
Enhancing connection

WEEKEND 1 - 1 Review 1

Review of the steps we have taken so far
What scientific research tells us
Some resources that will help

MONDAY - Focus on how you communicate

See your frustration: paying attention to how we communicate
What’s behind it?
Remember the Golden Rule

TUESDAY - Try giving the benefit of the doubt

See your frustration: are you able to give someone the benefit of the doubt?
What’s behind it?
Seeing other people as just like you

WEDNESDAY - Manage your emotions at work

See your frustration: how to work creatively with emotion
What’s behind it?
Managing our emotions

THURSDAY - Coping with stress

See your frustration: what triggers stress for me?
What’s behind it?
Things we can do to minimise stress

FRIDAY - Leave work at the door

See your frustration: making a choice
What’s behind it?
Make a decision to leave work at the door

WEEKEND 2 - Review 2

Review of the steps we have taken so far
What scientific research tells us
Some resources that will help
Some useful information from Awareness in Action
Your feedback

Finishing up the course


What ​ you will learn on this course

  • The deeper causes behind your frustration
  • How to take control even when you feel powerless
  • To see the impact of your attitudes towards yourself and other people more clearly
  • To appreciate and engage with your inner resources in a sustainable way
  • The ways in which you can broaden your perspective
  • Practical ways to include meditation in your daily routine
  • How to make your frustration more manageable
  • Ways to feel more engaged at work​
what people say about it

Having a daily email reminder and simple task each day for two weeks helps keep a sustained focus on really trying to make changes in my work. I like being able to dip into each days' lessons and then reading more in depth scientific studies about the different aspects of frustration, when I have more time available. The course layout is accessible even to me - I've never done an on-line course before but it is easy to navigate the programme. Maureen sends timely responses too!

The other day I found myself in a tight spot with a child (I'm an early years teacher) and I remembered Gratitude - I had read the importance of it that morning. I was able to take a step back and breathe, rather than getting more stressed, and mentally gave thanks to the child for enabling me to do that.

Katie Sharrock

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is a wonderful concise course that gives practical, insightful help on how to deal with frustration at work.

It is a very well structured course with great video’s and quotes, that leads you through what’s behind getting frustrated, and ways to deal with it. Each day is very do-able even in a hectic, busy life.

This course makes me feel very positive about my work- that I can be more creative and energetic at work with much less frustration.

Also I feel this course will lead to a more harmonious and peaceful atmosphere with my work colleagues’

Dan Hersey


Enrolment and cost


Course fee $​60.00

This includes:

  • ​Lifetime access to content, activities and exercises for 10 daily lessons and 2 weekends
  • ​A variety of downloadable reflection and meditation exercises in written and/or audio format
  • ​Unlimited interactive emails with the courses facilitator throughout the course

OPTION 2 Course + coaching option

Course fee $​95.00

This includes:

  • ​Lifetime access to content, activities and exercises for 10 daily lessons and 2 weekends
  • ​A variety of downloadable reflection and meditation exercises in written and/or audio format
  • ​Unlimited interactive emails with the courses facilitator throughout the course
  • ​1 personal coaching session by SKYPE at the end of the course (Normal price for coaching alone $75.00)

How will the course work for you?

  • ​All sessions of 9 Ways to Cope Better with Your Work Frustration are all online with easily downloadable reflections, exercises and quotes.
  • ​As long as you have an internet connection you can access the content anywhere and at any time.
  • ​Lessons will be available each working day and a review session at each of the two weekends
  • ​You could expect to spend 30-45 minutes per day on the course materials
  • ​This is self-paced course, so you can catch up and review past materials at any time.
  • ​You still have access to the course materials even when the course has concluded.
  • ​You can add comments and ask questions as you go through the materials.
  • ​As your course facilitator, I will read all your comments and answer your questions and perhaps add some of my own.

Maureen Cooper: your course facilitator

Maureen Cooper is the founding director of Awareness in Action, an organization dedicated to showing people how to combine well-being and excellence in the work environment. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience as a professional educator, senior manager in a non-profit organization, an entrepreneur and as an accomplished practitioner of Buddhist meditation, she leads the in-demand Awareness in Action workshops and training programs all over the United States and Europe.

Her acclaimed book, The Compassionate Mind Guide to Reducing Stress is a ground-breaking effort that brings together the best of modern science and the wisdom of the world’s ancient contemplative traditions into a practical manual for thriving in today’s insanely fast-paced world.

When she’s able to take a break from rigours of the road, Maureen lives stress-free in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with her husband.

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9 Ways to Cope Better With Your Work Frustration