About Us

Maureen has been working with the JING team for a little over one year holding group and individual sessions on site and over Skype. Her approach is open and highly inclusive, authentic and realistic. I strongly recommend her to any company seeking to gain the benefits of meditation at all levels.

Ed Eiser 
CEO, Jing Tea, London

Why we do what we do

At Awareness in Action we train people to deal with whatever comes up at work using their own inner resources. All too often it can seem as if we have little choice on what goes on at work and yet we need to deliver our best and get on with our colleagues. Although many of us look to find meaning in our job, it can also be a cause frustration and worry. We believe that our training enables people to take engage deeply with their habits at work and to learn new ways of working with the challenges.

How our work can benefit your staff

Our training enables people to use all aspects of their working lives to find peace and clarity of mind, uncover their natural kindness and manifest the full impact of their talents.

How our work can benefit your workplace

Our training contributes to the creation of workplaces in which each person is fully aware of themselves, of their colleagues and the environment that they work in—so that they can do good work to great effect, without stress.