Each Awareness in Action  workshop is designed in consultation with the client in order to meet the needs of each group most effectively.

These are some common themes, which form an introduction to our workshops:

  • A general discussion of the working situation of each of the participants and where they would like to focus during the training
  • A self-examination of the helpful and unhelpful habits of the participants and a strategy to address them
  • A look at stress—its causes, effects and strategies for working with it
  • An exploration of well-being and what we think sustains and undermines it
  • Presenting the choices each participant faces and how to work with these

The main part of the workshop is to introduce the techniques of training the mind in mindfulness, meditation and compassion.

Workshops end with a session on integration and how to go forward with what people have learnt

Participants each have a course workbook with main points and illustrations included, where they can make their own notes and observations. Workshops are practical, exercise based, inclusive and flexible. They offer a tool kit of techniques that we can integrate during a busy working day