TWO DAY COURSE – “Mindfulness and Empathy in Work”

“…. a set of tools, grounded in pratical wisdom that can change people and organisations. Highly recommended”

David Rand Director, MicroMentor, The Aspen Institute

Date and Location


Time: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Venue: Making It! Enterprises Ltd,

Chadburn House, Weighbridge Road,

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 1AH

Course Outline

  • Understand what mindfulness and empathy actually means in a busy working environment and how they are developmental skills
  • Integrate a range of mindfulness and empathy practises within a busy working day – with the consequential benefit on stress reduction, improved focus and communication
  • Examine how our well-being, empathy and happiness is affected by how we work with our minds while engaged in our jobs
  • The benefits of working with our habitual attitudes and behaviours at work to enable us to transform challenges and stress to methods that can develop self awareness and and empathy
  • The recognition of the interdependence of self awareness, effective working and stress reduction
  • An introduction to neuroplasticity which demonstrates that our brain changes according to experience and that this happens throughout our lives.  This is the neurological mechanism by which we can train and enhance self awareness and empathy
  • Our empathy underpins effective communication and the ability to work with emotions that distort reality unbeneficial ways
  • An understanding that Happiness itself is linked to: superior productivity; more resilience; less burnout; less turnover of staff; even greater sales (Lymbomirsky 2005) and the relationship between happiness and self awareness
The course is very experiential in nature.  You will go away with a range of practical skills that you can subsequently use straight away at work.

The Trainer

Maureen Cooper travels internationally providing her 30 year experience to businesses, non-profit organisations, individuals, teams and executives.  The inspirational, practical nature of the courses is often commented upon and when combined with Maureen’s engaging, clear and humorous style she is able to concisely show the effectiveness of these techniques and how they can be used in even the most intense of situations and within the busiest of working days.

No Pre-requisites

How to Book

C­all us on 07891 770847 or click here